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Take a look at what KA standards catalyze. These examples represent only a handful of our clients and the measurable results we can generate together:

A National Insurance Carrier losing market share used our business standards to reposition their capabilities to recapture more than 15% market share YTY.

A Regional Insurance Broker struggling with book of business retention used our business standards to improve their joint account management strategies to gain more than a 30% YTY increase in renewals.

A National Retailer (7,000 Locations) experiencing brand erosion used our business standards to focus on the point of view of consumers to increase same store sales by 6%.

National EMR experiencing losses in revenue and profit used our business standards to execute a total go-to-market overhaul seeing over a 20% growth YTY in profits.

Regional IDN struggling with negative growth used our business standards to focus on the perspective of employers in their community to achieve a 20% YTY growth in new service revenues.

Global Provider of IT Services losing customers and employees used our business standards to overhaul their go-to-market strategy restoring trust (customer retention >15% YTY), morale (employee satisfaction = 22% YTY) and profitability (operating margin = 8% YTY).

Global Provider of Medical Devices struggling with a major delay in their product release cycle used our business standards to wholesale change "How" they sold to retain their client base (attrition 18% less then expected).

+6% Sales

+30% Renewals

+15% Market Share

+20% Growth in Profits


Growth in


Trust, Morale, and Profitability Restored

18% Less Attrition