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KA licenses standards (mind-set, skill-set, tool-set) and provides services to make better business decisions within and across sales, marketing, and product.


KA standards and services fix go-to-market (GTM) variation and stop the waste of time, talent, resources, and capital.


Customers in high tech, health care, insurance, and education use our standards and services to create and capture sales, to position and message to markets and key stakeholders, and to design and package products. 


KA standards and services turn common sense into daily operational common practices by making expert intuition (1..2..10) intentional (1 thru 10)


For 24 years customers have picked KA for strategy development and day-to-day execution because we share in the risks, responsibilities, and rewards of working together.


It starts with a handshake, and ends with joint ownership of material results in < 60 days.


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